Hello, I'm Koen de Boer. I love mathematics.


Currently working at the CWI in Amsterdam, as a PhD student of Léo Ducas in the Cryptology Group.

Passion for algorithms from arithmetic number theory and composing contemporary music.

Curriculum Vitae


During my PhD

Wrote a paper for PQCrypto2018 with Leo Ducas, Stacey Jeffery and Ronald de Wolf about a Meet-in-the-Middle attack on the AJPS-cryptosystem and on a thorough analysis of a lattice-based attack on the same cryptosystem of Beunardeau et al.

Wrote a paper for ISSAC2017 with Carlo Pagano (2017) about the calculation of the power residue symbol and ibeta, an invariant of p-adic completions of number fields. The source code of the algorithms are available on GitHub.

During my Master

For my master thesis (2016), I implemented Bouw's algorithm that computes the wild Hilbert symbol in Magma. Also I constructed an algorithm that supposedly computes the power residue symbol effectively; this algorithm is implemented, too, and available on GitHub. Thesis (English)

For the course Computer Algebra (2015), I adapted a binary GCD-like algorithm for various quadratic number rings that are principal ideal domains, but not euclidean domains, implemented in Magma. Report (Dutch)

During the course Numerical Linear Algebra (2014), I and Gijsbert van Vliet implemented and compared hIRAM, IRAM and Arnoldi's method in Matlab. These algorithms find approximations of eigenvalues of very large matrices. Report (Dutch)

In the course Numerical Methods for Stationary Partial Differential Equations (2014) I implemented a specific PDE-solver in Matlab and compared the errors to various error-predictors. Report (Dutch)

All source codes on request.




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